PD Remote for iPad

PD Remote is powerful, elegant, and simple to use. It will give you unparalleled control over your piano and your favorite music. You can adjust every album and or song to near perfection. The learning curve is minor, and you’ll catch on in no time. PD Remote only works with music which is physically on your device. You can adjust the sound of your piano while it plays. PD Remote gives you MUCH easier access to your music than does the default music player on your device. With PD Remote, you’ll be able to flip through the album covers of your music like you’re reading a book. Swipe left or right until you find something you’d like to hear. Once you do, touch the album cover and it will open up. Select a song, that song starts playing and the rest of the songs on that album play in-turn. As you’re listening to the music, adjust the horizontally placed Master volume to a comfortable volume and then adjust the vertically placed Piano and Audio fine-adjustment volume sliders. After any change you make, wait a moment or two until the piano and speaker respond. There is simply no better way to enjoy your PianoDisc system. PianoDisc iQ and PD Remote truly bring your piano to life. If you can, get a highly skilled piano tech versed in PianoDisc systems to go over your piano and make sure that everything is as good as it can possibly be. Visit http://balanceiq.com/ipad.html for tons of great info.

We are working on a new website called http://pdremoteapp.com which will take into account the revamped user-interface and eventually replace the other website. Thank you for your patronage and or interest in this app. It’s a never ending work-in-progress, which we are constantly striving to perfect. Enjoy!