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English Grammar Quizzes for Kids

English Grammar Quizzes for Kids is an innovative approach to teaching grammar from an award-winning novelist that compares the eight parts of speech to the different kinds of ants in an ant colony.

There are fun tests on the use of verbs, nouns, pronouns, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, and interjections.

But the app doesn’t just test knowledge. It also teaches English grammar through a unique, fully illustrated course called Uncle Schreiber’s Grammar for Cool Kids.

There are no chapters or difficult vocabulary or boring exercises and lessons. Instead the text uses narrative, humor and clever illustrations to teach basic English grammar in an entertaining way. This guidebook and the quizzes are also intended for adults learning English as a second language. For ages nine and older.

Local Food Loop iOS Android App

Local Food Loop is mobile app in iOS Android which helps you uncover the best fresh food that’s grown, prepared and available in your local area, or anywhere you find yourself hungry. Right now almost all our listings are in Australia, but if you’d like to suggest other places you can do that from inside the app itself.

Growers, farm-gates, markets, cafes, breweries, bakeries, eateries and specialty produce retailers – everyone in the food chain is here. And no matter where you are eating or buying, you’ll see exactly where the food they sell comes from.

Our listings are carefully hand-picked and we make sure that every one of them can demonstrate a commitment to local food. You won’t find any big supermarkets here, but you will find farm gates, farmers’ markets and all sorts of other places that deserve your support.

If your favourite local food spot isn’t listed yet, or if you discover a great new place, suggest it from the app!

You’ll be supporting local communities and keeping local flavours alive, anywhere you live or travel.

Learn more at www.localfoodloop.com, or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for tasty snippets and news: