You are Dad? Congratulations!

Have you ever thought about how much horsepower you want for your stroller? What size is your dwarf in the third month? And why pregnant women do not tip over? The PAPA APP answers: Appealing images, funny information and informative texts transform your mobile device into an expert guide on pregnancy. Unlike most gestational Apps but the men are here at the center. You must roll no ton counselors to be well informed; just read in a lunch break or in the waiting room, what’s new in the latest week of pregnancy:

• Birth computer
• Home screen with progress bar & Birth Countdown
• Baby Talk: Weekly information on the development of your baby
• FAQ on the physical and mental fitness of your partner
• Information about work and money
• Tips for traveling and sports in pregnancy
• Learn more about nutrition and health
• Important knowledge: medical and preventive appointments
• About Mutterpass and protection, Name Search and antenatal
• Checklist hospital bag and baby initial