This is the Open Public Beta release of the NewsByMe app with the official launch in 30 days. There are many more features we plan to roll out during this open beta including push notifications and many more. We hope you enjoy the app and thank you for participating!

NewsByMe is a free, social news network that allows for every day people to report news and events on the scene happening within their location. It’s an easy way to connect and share important events as they unfold near you. Think RADAR for news events on your mobile device and on the web.

With NewsByMe:

• You can connect with other reporters around news events using geo-location based mobile technology.

• Quickly receive breaking news

• Report street-level community events, through text, images and video

• Follow other NewsByMe reporters

• Follow your favorite locations around the globe

•File reports on your smartphone within our site and help spread the word as their story unfolds and grows in importance