Patriotism. What does that word mean to you? Patriotism is not about boasting and believing that my country has no problems and it is just perfect. Patriotism is about realizing that my country has a problem and I will do something about it. Our problem for India is corruption.
Muffler Man is physics puzzle game in which our hero fight against corrupt politician. It has 32 levels of physics-based puzzles to be solved involving springs, anti-gravity electric shock, worm holes. Collect 3 stars in each level to root out the corruption completely.

There are few parities which will affect our lok sabha election 2014 majorly like aam aadmi party, bhartiy janta party and congress and their prime minister candidate are respectively arvind kejriwal, narendra modi and rahul gandhi. now it is totally up to you who you will vote for? arvind kejriwal, narendra modi or rahul gandhi and on which basis? When you vote at an election, be it at the city, state or country level, what motivates your choice for any given candidate? Do you vote for the candidate as an individual or for the party he represents? Do you strictly judge on the candidate’s political and governing abilities or do you also take into consideration his sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, look, personal interests, etc?