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How to Build an Elephant

Today, we’re excited to announce our new app How to Build an Elephant it is a fun, engaging way to learn about the most important forces and structures in our world. It is a colorful and informative e-book teaching kids and adults alike complex concepts of the world in a simple way.

About “How to Build an Elephant”
“Do you know what a quark is? Or the difference between DNA and genes?
Can you name the strongest force in the universe? Actually it’s called the “strong force,” which shows that sometimes science can be easy.
It was easy when I was a child, before I ever entered a classroom. I learned about dinosaurs by reading picture books and building plastic models of their skeletons.
Those long-forgotten pursuits, sparked by my more recent friendship with a theoretical physicist, inspired me to bridge the normally separate disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology in a humorous narrative, without chapters, histories, formulas or complicated diagrams.”